What is Oriana?

Oriana is a learning platform for practitioners of mindfulness meditation.

The platform was developed to facilitate meditation retreats that can be conducted remotely.

A New Medium for Teachers

In this new age of global travel restrictions and social distancing, Oriana provides teachers with a new set of tools to develop curriculum and deliver retreats in a virtual setting. Within a clean, intuitive interface Oriana provides an inline mode of communication for both teacher and student to interact as closely as they would in a traditional intimate retreat, from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

More features to consider...

Responsive User Interface

Oriana is built to operate on all modern web browsers and renders well on a variety of devices automatically adjusting to any screen size, whether it is a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Wherever you go your sanga is only a click/tap away .

Secure Environment

Oriana is a secure application. All information is secured in both transmission and rest. As a policy we do not store any credit card information or personal data beyond emails addresses. Teachers are free to delete their retreat content anytime they wish.

In-App Support

Oriana's chat feature keeps the lines of communication between teacher and student open at all times. It also enables users to speak directly to a member our technical support team without the inconvenience of drafting emails or support tickets.

Simple Pricing

Single tier pricing grants teachers and students full access to the platform.

Retreat Pricing

$20 per active student per retreat*

Free account set-up for teachers.

Easy account set-up for Teachers

Interested in using Oriana? Getting set-up is easy and more importantly it's free! Create unlimited retreats and only pay for who attends. No contracts, no hidden fees.

Teacher Dana program

If you are running a traditional Vipassana retreat where teachers are only paid in Dana, please let us know. A 5% Dana will be applied in the form of a discount of the total cost of the retreat upon completion. It will be the responsibility of the center to distribute the funds to the teachers.

What user's are saying

  • Oriana has been the essential ingredient to helping our organization pivot to online teaching during this unprecedented era of pandemic-related travel restrictions. The platform has allowed us to offer our teachings to a much wider range of students than we ever would have been able to do in person – and with more consistency and depth than we could have ever imagined. Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey, Vipassana Hawaiʻi

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Have questions? Interested in starting your first retreat? Our knowledgable team is ready and waiting to answer your questions and get you onboarded to the Oriana Platform.